Thanks, but no thanks.

One of the best advice I received this year is to not thank someone in a straight-forward manner. I received this advice yesterday as I roam through the depth of Tumblr. Here’s a link of the original post, and here’s my token of gratefulness to join Discover Challenge this week.

Mom, for being the social mirror in which I reflect myself upon and for being my hardest critique who had my back, I’m thankful of you. The same goes to you, Dad, you who makes me want to stand up and fight for my dream because you secretly believe in me.

For my annoying brother who randomly told me one night that he’ll see my name engraved in books and movie posters and has kept me going until now, I’m thankful of you.

For my friends who put me in the subscription list of her daily life, lend me emotional support and has given me the gift of knowing their vulnerability which makes me feel less alone and makes my feeling seems normal, I don’t know what I’d do without you.

And the last part is for the person who makes me look forward to weekend getaways, who has always been a weapon to fight my own self doubt, in whom I find my safe place, you are the reason I know I am loved. Deeply.


Crooked Heart


That day when I looked up, the sky was your favorite shade of blue. I wanted to take a picture and perhaps paint you one, but I know nothing compares to actually being where you are. Besides, I don’t paint.

That day when missing you hurts me and makes me feel so alone, I went out just to check on the sky. If it’s still as blue as you like it. Or if it becomes gray as I love it. The sky was neither. The tint of the sun setting makes it orange.

Until that day when we both have our dreams in our hands. Until that day when I can stand straight in front of you telling you that I live my life, I will love you with all of my crooked heart.


This time, last year


This time, last year I was just back from a month vacation to Japan. It was one of the most fulfilling vacation I’ve ever had up to that point and today I’m gonna walk down the memory lane with you.

The first week I was there I went on a tour around Japan, and our first stop is Asakusa Temple. Asakusa is one of the must-visit-place in Japan. Located in the heart of Tokyo, many people from many country can be found inside. The temple itself is huge and there were a lot of little stores inside. The best part which I did not take a picture of, is the food. Many street food like takoyaki can be found there, and they’re way cheaper than here in Indonesia.


Japan is a very clean country, even though I was having a hard time finding trash bin there. There was no clutter and all of the nature are preserved well. I think it has something to do with their religion. It was a nice change, after a cluttered view of the street in Indonesia and a lot of trashing everywhere, seeing this obviously opened my eyes.DSC01777

We went up high to the Alpine route, the eternal snow place. It was the first snow I have ever seen in my life, and although it was cold, I can say Mount Fuji is colder. Here I can get away with three layers, while in Mount Fuji I ended up taking all the clothes I can find inside my bag and wear that outside. Alpine Route is beautiful and breath taking, I highly recommend to visit the place if you can.


It was the end of spring, but the wind and coldness lingered. That is why I always go to the vending machine to buy warm drinks. I like to hold it in between my hands and they have been my saviour for my almost numb hands! This royal milk tea tho, is my favourite.


The last spot we visited while I was with the tour is Osaka Castle. The view from the highest floor of the castle is a wow. From there you can almost see the whole city, and as always with high places, literally or not, when you come back down you have different perspectives of life.

We get to look around at Shinsaibashi for a couple hours afterwards, and I couldn’t help with all the cute places! I love how the downtown is a somewhat open space because malls in general makes me sick.


And this is the only decent picture I took on Kyoto, where my cousin lives. We went to several places but the one that I managed to snap is Kinkaku-ji. Kin means gold, hence The Gold Temple. If you think this picture is very calendar, then visit the place yourself. It was very very calendar that you won’t believe your eyes.

This vacation was an early graduation gift from my aunt and uncle. They were so kind and generous, and Japan is the first country I visited (beside Singapore). Because it was the first long flight I’ve ever been into I was terrified, but once I was seated I feel okay. It was great.

This time last year, I was having a hard time moving on. I still kind of do even now. The most addicting thing about travel is the new you who comes back. Opening your eyes to the world and experiencing new things are great, and it shapes who you are when you come back.

Until next post!

From Japan with love,




In the spring wind of last year when I waited for the bus to come, oblivious of my surrounding as I chew on the cinnamon bun, I thought of you. And how everything in this life may, or may not be temporary.

You told me million time how you love me, in that sugary sweet tea, the last bite of cake, and how you amuse the idea of me getting inked. You endure the pain of my words without spitting the same sword-like words back. In you I find my happy place, someone I call home. Somewhere I yearn to be.

If this is temporary I want it to lasts as long as I live. If this is temporary I want the world to see, that even though it’s intangible, even though we don’t carved each other’s wrist with the word forever, it creates impact.

About Kindness

The thing I admire the most about people is their kindness. When a person is kind to the other person, especially in hotels and restaurant which one of the key thing they sell is service, kindness is highly appreciated.

I’m not saying this because I work in a restaurant or because my loved one is a hotelier. I’m saying this because I have insight from inner circle people who works in service industry.

Having all of them surrounding me certainly changes how I interact with people on daily basis. I learn to say thanks, I learn to smile when I order things from the menu book, and I learn to appreciate their smile as well.

My boyfriend said this to me once upon a while, a job that makes you more human is a good job. Although I cannot see myself as a service person because I don’t have the heart to be one, I’m grateful to have the social mirror I need to keep my feet on the ground. It’s easy to be clouded by our own bad day and anxieties. It’s easy to want to be understood. But it’s nicer when you understand.

This post is frankly also a reminder for myself, so that wherever I go, I’ll choose to be kind. I hope you will too.

Now tell me, what is the kindest thing you almost do?

Through The Lens


Here’s a little throwback to the me from three years ago when I helped a friend on his photography lesson. He was a high school friend of mine and I have seen some of his very first shots.

Of all the shots this one is my favourite. I look like I’m having a good time in the middle of the wood. I was having a good time, but it was in the suburb part of the city and it was a very neglected part.  I cringe a lot at how people just neglect a lot of aspect in that place, but however my friend got to take some of unbelievable shots! That on this square image, he can corporate the good part based on his own judgement.


It’s probably the same thing with perspective. We pick out our lens, and we see the world through the lens. The kind of lens we choose affect how we see the world, and the way we carry the camera decides on what’s in the frame, which one to be blurred out and which one to be focused on.

My friend says some of the best photo shoots does not happen in an air-conditioned room, just like life. The best and most memorable moment doesn’t happen at the safety of our home. Those moments happen at the thrilling adventure and new things that occurs on daily basis.

I hope we all can carry our camera and pick the right lens. What about you guys? What kind of lens do you see the world with? How does it look like through your lens?

(Binge) Happy Things

What are your happy things?

Mine includes a rainy day, a cup of tea, a very good story and an available parking space in general.

But as the title goes, I’m going to talk about the happy things I binge on. Like pizza and milk tea.

First thing that pops in mind about binge is binge-watching. I grow up watching Korean Dramas, and I remember in the last long break before University I spent a week binge-watching Korean Drama. I ate, slept and pretty much doing everything in front of the TV. Of course, as a sensible adult at that moment my mom kept pestering me to stop for once, but I got away with it. The thing with me is I can’t stand a cliff hanger. I don’t like starting something not knowing the ending, so if a series is good I’ll be watching it until the end. If I lose interest in the first two chapters I’ll just go straight to the ending just to quench my thirst to know something that is not really significant.

The second thing, which also fall into the category of binge-watching is binge-watching Friends. You know, that old TV Show which contains a lot of educational content on how to socialise, how to be an adult and the importance of community. I freaking love Friends. I thing the joke is eternal and even though I watch a series for like the 20th time, they still crack me up. Once upon a flight from Kansai to Jakarta I lose some valuable sleep which maybe better for my system to watch the entire season of Friend. Of course, science happens and I got off the plane feeling drunk and it might not be the best decision in my life, but you know what? No. Regret.

Third thing, which I just did right now, is binge-watching Grace Helbig. She’s one of my favourite Youtuber who creates funny content and offers her honest point of view of the world and because of how funny she is, more often than not I got distracted of her. Not that it’s her fault.

As you can see my happy things are all about digital content, and it probably has something to do with all the “millennials” hype all this time. I also love binge-reading, but I haven’t had a comic or a series I love besides The Hunger Games, I think I spent a good year re-reading each of the book in the trilogy.

What about you? Does your happy things go around digital content too?