Dear August

​Dear August,

It was five in the morning when we left the house to go to the airport. The driver drove in the highway, and it was the first time I saw the sun rises from Jakarta skyline.

The sky was dark, and there were a lot of city lights. I was never up on that hour until that day. The quiet sound of a busy city somehow brought peace.

At the airport we saw biracial couple hugged each other for quite a long time. I was in a long distance relationship, but I don’t think it can measure to what the two have. Something inside me broke that morning. 

I made what I considered big decision this month. It felt just as dark as that early morning. I was scared and confused. I lost my way once again.

They say it’s always the darkest before dawn, I didn’t know til then. The transition of night to day was frightening yet beautiful. The rarity of purple tinted sky in polluted city made everything seems poetic.

I did not see it coming, August. I thought you’d simply pass by without me noticing. But huge change happened. Some understanding acquired. Friendship deepened. And for the first time, I learned to choose the right choice.

There will be times when your best isn’t good enough. However as long as you’re doing your best, there shall never be any regret.

Life well lived, life so loved; I think I redefine the meaning of happiness.

Dear August, thank you for being true.


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