So I come home.

That yellow tinted sky as spring came to an end, when we were both too far to reach for each other; was very beautiful. I haven’t seen a sky like that since I came back.

That spring wind on one a.m when I walked to mini market with one of my most precious girl; I want to have it annually-every spring, every year.

The cold morning rain I woke up to, when the rest of the world was asleep. As I looked up to the grey tinted sky, I found God’s presence.

Those times I waited for the bus, the train,

the cold underground station where everyone lives in a rush.

The long phone-calls discussing nothing because the internet connection is too obnoxious for us to even talk about something.

All the adventures I went without you because I need some space.

You see, I long for everything you’re not into. You dislike rain, and you always mentions how the wind ruined your hair. You don’t spend time looking at the sky; you only care about buildings.

You like to drive around and you hate having to initiate the call. You long to be in my life, I long to be some place where I don’t know everyone. You’re content where you are; I’m dying to get out.

Yet you let me go; you let me run free.

So I come home.



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