Rainy Day Essential

One of the best thing in life is waking up to the sound of rain falling on the earth. I always find that those kind of days will always be my best day, just because of the romantic feeling the air gives.

It makes me want to write a poetry sometimes.

But today it makes me want to put on my denim jacket instead!DSCF7716-01

Tropical heat is unbeatable, but the occasional rain and a little drop of temperature make denim jacket bearable. Personally I love jackets in general, but sometimes it’s just too hot. I pair it with Uniqlo Dress just in case the weather gets back to normal.

DSCF7721-01 (1)

Denim + Casual Dress + Sneakers is my go too favorite. I can’t say which one I love most, but I guess it’s safe to say that most of the attention goes to the denim jacket! It gives the dress the extra kick of confidence, but still laid back because I pair it with a pretty comfy looking sneakers. By the way, this sneakers are my favorite because they’re so comfortable to walk on!


This is my attempt at looking badass, but the only badass thing I see is the jacket! Well, at least I tried. This jacket is a hand me down from my cool aunt, and I love the worn feel it has. Not quite a boyfriend denim jacket, but fierce enough on its own.

What about you? What’s your rainy day essential?



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