The Piano Guy at Typical Apartment

A man comes out of the room

Wipes his glasses clean with a cloth

He opens the curtain

Takes a glance of that day’s sky

Then walks to the piano on the other side of the room

He sits on the chair

Hands gripping the soft leather cushion

Head tilted, he breathes in deep

Opens the lid

Begins to sing

One floor down a young woman

Whose life is spent rushing

Leans to a wall beside her

Closes her eyes

Dimples shown

One floor up an elderly couple


Forgets what they were just arguing about

Sunlight seeps through the window

The pianist hit the last note

Closing lid

Hands on the soft leather cushion

Feet on the soft velvet rug his wife bought 10 years ago

He doesn’t play under the spotlight

But he has an audience

Whose soul, unknowingly, he touched


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