Thanks, but no thanks.

One of the best advice I received this year is to not thank someone in a straight-forward manner. I received this advice yesterday as I roam through the depth of Tumblr. Here’s a link of the original post, and here’s my token of gratefulness to join Discover Challenge this week.

Mom, for being the social mirror in which I reflect myself upon and for being my hardest critique who had my back, I’m thankful of you. The same goes to you, Dad, you who makes me want to stand up and fight for my dream because you secretly believe in me.

For my annoying brother who randomly told me one night that he’ll see my name engraved in books and movie posters and has kept me going until now, I’m thankful of you.

For my friends who put me in the subscription list of her daily life, lend me emotional support and has given me the gift of knowing their vulnerability which makes me feel less alone and makes my feeling seems normal, I don’t know what I’d do without you.

And the last part is for the person who makes me look forward to weekend getaways, who has always been a weapon to fight my own self doubt, in whom I find my safe place, you are the reason I know I am loved. Deeply.


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